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ATTENTION COMMITMENT PHOBES Ever tried a Pick'em league? Its SOOO EASY and you can win $50 Victoria Secret gift card thank to The Wives of Fantasy Football and Be My Commish! I[...]

Larissa Faulkner

2012 National Search for The #1 Wife of Fantasy Football The WivesofFF are looking to crown the #1 Wife of Fantasy Football.  Will Larissa Faulkner take home the title this year?[...]




MNF Halloween Photo Contest

What do you get when you cross Halloween, Monday Night Football and Fantasy Football? A husband in costume watching his fantasy team score on his phone? A Halloween themed MNF[...]

Mailin Justiniano

The reason why I believe I'm the best wife of Fantasy Football is because I support my hubby 100%! Football Sundays/Mondays are sacred for us and so I try to make it as special as [...]